​​​​"Providing Peace of Mind for You through Personalized Holistic Care Management and Health Advocacy"

Meet Bonnie Bowman, RN
Hi, I am Bonnie Bowman, an experienced Home Health RN and Geriatric Specialist who has worked with older adults for over 25 years. I founded Elder Care Professionals, PLLC because I sa w a need for ongoing care management for folks who need the extra support to stay safe and happy in their homes as they age. Families do not always have the time or live nearby to provide consistent care and over sight. Elder Care Professionals can help fill the gap for those individuals.
HEALTH CARE these days is very complex and difficult to navigate even for us professionals! Health Advocacy is necessary when you are forgetful, overwhelmed, or so ill that you cannot understand what your Medical Team is telling you. 
In addition to the need for Care Management I spoke with many Elders who wanted to move to a different living environment but felt too exhausted to even begin to think about moving. I am here to support and guide you through the entire process of finding the right place to call home. I will even help you sort through your life's collections, find a trustworthy realtor and a specialized mover. 
As an RN I have worked as a Health Advocate bringing compassion and QUALITY CARE to thousands of patients and their families. ​​
Bonnie's 5 Generation Family! Spanning from infant to almost 100 years old​! 

"When I am not serving as a nurse I enjoy spending time with my family -especially my darling grandson, Henry George. I also love to cook, read, garden, quilt, paint and play with my little Westie dog, Annie."

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Elder Care Professionals, PLLC subscribes to:​​
The Health Advocate's Code of Conduct and Professional Standards

  1. Health advocates* practice with compassion and respect for the patients, clients and families with whom they work.
  2. Health advocates’ primary commitments are to promote the health, safety, and rights of their patients and clients.
  3. Health advocates will, at all times, be transparent in their work with clients. They will disclose to clients their credentials, experience, pricing structure, and any financial relationships they hold with other professionals, businesses or institutions.
  4. Health advocates will, at all times, maintain privacy on behalf of their patients and clients and will keep confidential all activities and records according to agreements among them, and any applicable laws.
  5. Health advocates will guide and assist their clients-patients in medical decision-making but at no time will make decisions about health or medical care or payment for medical services on their behalf.
  6. Health advocates will promote use of their client-patients’ values and belief systems as the foundation for their decision-making.
  7. Health advocates will, at all times, practice within their competency. Any requests for services outside the advocate’s expertise will be referred to someone else who is equipped to provide those services to ensure the client-patient is benefitting from the best knowledge base.
  8. Health advocates will, at all times, work within their professional boundaries and will reject any requests or demands that would cause them to violate those boundaries. Such violations may include, but not be limited to, accepting money or gifts as compensation for referrals to or from other professionals, businesses, or organizations; fulfilling requests to perform illegal or unethical actions; agreeing to provide services outside any geographical limits; developing a romantic or sexual relationship with a client or someone related to the client; agreeing to perform any duties without the disclosure or input needed from the client; or any other circumstances that could result in conflicts-of-interest or the inability to fully perform the work the two parties have agreed upon.
  9. Health advocates will not discriminate. They will at no time refuse to work with someone due to that person’s race, religion, culture, gender, or sexual orientation.
  10. Health advocates will continue to pursue education to further their knowledge base, skill set, and practice in order to provide client-patients with the most current information relevant to his/her health situation.

*     Private, professional health and patient advocates are defined as those advocates who work directly for patients, their families and caregivers, and not through an intermediary such as a hospital, insurer, or other person or organization that may have conflicting interests.  
(Dedicated to Ken Schueler and those who have lived these tenets with integrity 
since the establishment of health advocacy as a profession.)

The Health Advocate's Code of Conduct & Professional Standards is sponsored by the Alliance of Professional Health Advocate.

Elder Care Professionals, PLLC does not provide legal, medical, accounting or financial advisory services.  If you need help with any of those services, please seek help from the appropriate professional.