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Bonnie was There For Us

"The need for specialized care for aging parents all too often arrives without warning. It was so in my case. And I didn't have the slightest idea where to begin. Thankfully, Bonnie Bowman was there to not only find the right kind of care, but, just as important, to aid in locating the resources to pay for it. As my father's conditioned worsened, Bonnie's expertise was crucial in suggestions for balancing his medications and in correctly identifying a very serious skin condition  while we still had time to do something about it."​​
Thank you,
George Knight, Client's Son

Betty Knight (client's wife) with her son George

Bonnie Is Caring and Professional​​


To Anyone Looking For A Caring, Professional Nurse,

It is with a large amount of respect and serious gratitude that I write this Letter of Endorsement for Bonnie Bowman of Elder Care Professionals, PLLC.
 During the late spring of 2018, Bonnie Bowman helped my wife, Chris, and I deal with Chris’s aggressive Gastric Cancer.
Chris required almost 24/7 care as this disease advanced rapidly. I was providing almost all of Chris’s care taking, especially at night.  Chris and I engaged Bonnie to help me do a better job of taking care of Chris and to give a few breaks to get more than 3-4 hours of sleep at a time.  Bonnie helped us keep Chris as comfortable as possible during the end of this situation.
When Chris and I first met Bonnie, she and Chris almost instantly bonded. Bonnie conveyed to Chris quite quickly that Bonnie and Chris were on the same wavelength as far as what they thought was important in life: Family, children, love, respect for life & kindness.
Bonnie displayed to me that she was indeed a very skilled and experienced professionally.  Bonnie had been through these types of battles with disease many times before. We engaged Bonnie almost on the spot after our 1st interview with her. We realized that the support that Bonnie could provide us was going to be worth the cost.
Bonnie professional skills and her warm and caring attitude made a significant difference in Chris’s quality of life in those final few weeks. Bonnie showed me several better techniques in my care taking of Chris. Bonnie’s flexibility in her schedule allowed me to leave Chris for short periods of time to take care of other necessary matters. Chris was very comfortable with Bonnie being providing care in our home while I was gone. Bonnie being with Chris also allowed me to get more than a few hours of sleep.
One of the great things that Bonnie brought to us was the ability to help us understand the medical records. Bonnie helped bring clarity to these transcripts and tests results by interpreting the medical terms into layman’s terms. She explained to us what these transcripts and tests meant and what significance they carried. Bonnie enhanced our knowledge of Chris’s situation and reinforced what Chris’s medical team was telling us. This helped us (mostly Chris) make the critical decision path in Chris’s final weeks of her life.
Bonnie proactively did a lot research for us as far as what Chris’s medical options were. She was able to provide research papers and medical evaluations on what Chris faced. I had tried to find some of this myself, online, but Bonnie knew where to look, exactly. She printed the results of these searches so that Chris and I could review this information and understand what was before us.
In the final days and hours of Chris’s life, Bonnie would E mail and text me and Chris’s family offering concern and comfort.
After Chris died, Bonnie continued to contact Chris’s family to make sure we were doing as well as we could. Bonnie’s compassion for all of us was and is impressive. 

Chris and I felt that the cost of having Elder Care Professional, AKA Bonnie Bowman services in our home was more than offset by the comfort and care Bonnie provided for Chris and the help and relief she gave me. If we counted all the hours that Bonnie helped us, just because she wanted us to know what we were facing, without invoicing us those hours, then her cost was indeed very reasonable.  She cared about us.
My only regret about working with Bonnie was that we did not know about the services Elder Care Professionals offered, earlier. We were only able to use Bonnie for about a month before Chris was admitted to the hospital. Chris died 6 days later.  Having Bonnie help us months earlier would have been a huge help in Chris’s battle with Gastric Cancer. 
Please feel free to contact me to discuss Bonnie Bowman and Elder Care Professionals, PLLC.

James L. Munch
360 299 8688
4120 Clyde Way
Anacortes, WA, 98221

Elder Care Professionals Navigated the Health Care System Successfully for Mom

"Bonnie Bowman helped my brother and I find a wonderful Assisted Living Facility for my mother to live in where she had friends and activities she enjoyed. We realized she had been depressed while taking turns living with my brother and I. Bonnie found just the right funding for our Mother too. We are so grateful Bonnie can navigate the Health Care system and knows the available choices out there. My mother loved her care."
Chuck and Ray (Client's Sons)

"We are so grateful to have had Bonnie there for mom, and us.
Bonnie Bowman was the first and only person I trusted to help us in that time of need."
Kathleen S.
July 2018